Hello.  My name is Eugenia Finkler and I create fashion jewelry under the brand of Eva Andre Design. 

Jewelry design is the passion and my entire life.  I've been making fashion jewelry for almost 10 years now. In these years I didn't just learn to make accessory pieces. I’ve learned to make jewelry that can speak.  My jewelry speaks of you and about you, it’s just like you and me: very feminine, very alive, and very real!  I am also an architect by trade, and this is why my jewelry and accessories are not just a flight of fantasy, but are well thought out and elaborate pieces.  

Over the years of my life I’ve been living in various places, the corners of the globe so far apart. I was growing up in a quaint city of Minsk in the middle of Europe, lived in a bustling megalopolis of New York City and now I'm in Keller, Texas. But do you know what connects the parts of the world that are so different?  It's us, women! We are all so different, yet we have so much in common!  With this in mind I create my jewelry for you! For us! 

We all want to be vibrant and full of energy so we keep our individuality in the bustle of life. This is why Eva Andre Design jewelry conveys dynamics and freedom! 

We all want to be real. This is why the jewelry pieces that I make are part and parcel of the living world around us. It's a texture of the wood, a smell of the leather, a color of a waterfall, a shine of pebble. They ask to be touched! You will not want to take them off.

We all want to be interesting and enigmatic. So let Eva Andre Design piece be a little puzzle in itself around your neck or wrist. Let them wonder!

We all want to feel feminine. This is why I imbue a bit of myself into every jewelry piece I make. 

I want you to feel happy.  This is why my Eva Andre Design jewelry pieces are for you!

Welcome to my studio